Two of my favorite prints, it’s almost #Halloween >:D #art #death #skulls #photograph


Francesco Cozza, Saint Michael the Archangel Vanquishing the Devil, c. 1650

Take that Lucifer, you’re no match for my Lightsaber!!

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Thank You Jesus!!! :D you’ve done enough! No please, it’s ok.. Alright okay I take it all…

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13 years #nyc #911 #photograph


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I’m not here to ask for your nudes nor am I trying to hook up or anything like that but I was wondering if you would like to play Destiny with me…

I’m playing on Xbox One, my Gamertag is StarkillerKilla


Wolf Life…

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Heaven on Earth..

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Standing at the end of the final masquerade

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I don’t usually post stuff like this but when I saw it I had too. This has to be the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen. All those drawings were made by her kids and I thought it was amazing of her. The dress has it’s own story not only of herself but her family.

It’s a beautiful wedding dress.

Dear future Wife/Soulmate, (whoever you are/if you actually exist) Can you let me design and/or draw on your wedding dress?? ^-^

There she is..


Did you say clouds and sunsets?

Gorgeous views

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"She owns me, Body & Soul…"